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How to Decide who to Appoint as the Executor in your Will?

When you pass away, the person or people you name as the executor in your will, will, among other things, be responsible for making funeral arrangements, collecting all of the assets of your estate, paying all of your debts, and then finally dividing what remains of your estate among the beneficiaries named in your will.…
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What You Need to Know When Appointing a Legal Guardian in Your Will

Under the former Family Relations Act, only the last surviving parent with guardianship or custodial rights could appoint a guardian for his or her children. The new Family Law Act allows any guardian of the child, whether or not the guardian is a parent of the child, to appoint a person to be the child’s guardian…
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Intellectual Property Issues Every New Business Should Consider

Have you recently come up with a brilliant business idea that you think may be the next big thing? If so, before you go around telling everyone about your great idea, you may want to consider the following intellectual property issues. Are you the sole owner of the idea and intellectual property or are there…
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Support Your Child’s Start-up and Protect Your Savings

If you have an entrepreneurial child attempting to launch a start-up, at some point or another, you may have asked yourself how you can support your child’s entrepreneurial dream while still protecting your life savings. In most cases, what the entrepreneur needs is an initial equity investment to take their idea from an initial concept…
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