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Most people avoid talking about estate planning or drafting a will until they are well into retirement. It is often thought of as an unpleasant chore that is best put off for as long as possible. Let us help you streamline the process and help you understand the full value a will and proper estate plan can have on your future. You likely had no control over how you entered the world, but you can have complete control over how you leave it.

Some examples of life changing events that should trigger you to talk to a lawyer to create or update your estate plan or will include when you:

  • get married or enter into a common law relationship
  • have children or adopt a child
  • get divorced or separate
  • start a small business
  • acquire or lose any major assets
  • go through a life changing medical experience

Creating a proper estate plan will not only help you reduce the amount of taxes you pay on your estate, but it will also ensure your wishes are followed in the future. Speak to a lawyer about your estate plan and take charge of your future before it’s too late. We can help you create a personalized estate plan that includes a Living Will or Representation Agreement and Power of Attorney. To set up your free initial consult, call 604.649.8689.

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